About Us

The Shopaholic started as a social media marketing platform, offering superior and innovative marketing concepts to both home industries and businesses at affordable prices.

Within a few months from inception, The Shopaholic has grown as one of the most sought after Marketing Company offering adverts on various mediums of social media ie. BBM, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The Shopaholic can further manage your social media presence for you saving you the hassle of trying to juggle marketing with your other roles in your business. Product and service reviews are also offered.

The Shopaholic together with Blade IT further offers business’s the following services: Business registrations, Web-design, Email marketing, etc.

The Shopaholic has a growing rate of subscribers, followers, with hits over 81,000 on its site, and a huge network on BBM, Whatsapp etc.

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