Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Argan oil

miracle golden argan oil Its made of the unroasted kernels of the Argan tree,Endemic to Morocco,if u want a miracle oil that does everything from healing ur scars to preventing wrinkles,this "Liquid Gold" is what you've been looking for! 1. The Best Night-Time Face Moisturizer and Skin Toner 2. Reduces Sebum Levels in Oily Skin and Treats Acne 3. Essential in Healing Scars and Preventing Wrinkles 4. Great Natural Exfoliator with Anti-Aging Effects 5. One of the Best Solution for Stretch Marks 6. Effective Soothing Relief in Razor Bumps and Burns 7. Amazing body Moisturizer,more benefits then Coconut oil 8. Hair Conditioner and Aid in Protection from Heat ( hair-driers\curlers\irons) 9. Best solution for Cracked Lips,making them Soft and Moisturised 10. A Non Greasy Moisturizer,Ideal for Treating Cuticles and Nails 11. Great overnight conditioning Treatment for Scalp and Dry Brittle Hair 12. Moisturises Dry Hard Heels and Feet,Prevents them from Cracking 13. Treats and Removes DRY SKIN 14. Treats and removes ECZEMA 15. Treats and removes PSORIASIS 16. Treats and removes Flaking of the Skin 17. Removes and Fades away PIGMENTATION 18. Removes and Fades away BLEMISHES 19. Removes and Fades away UNDER EYE DARK CIRCLES 20. Removed Puffiness from Around the Eyes and Crows feet Around the Eye 21. Removes and Fades away Deep Dark SPOTS and MARKS 22. Removes Dark Chicken pox marks 100% pure organic Argan oil is without Additives, sold as a natural SKIN HAIR and NAIL CARE PRODUCT! STOCKIST OF BIOXLIM WEIGHTLOSS CAPS - HIBAH-SMILE EDUCATIONAL TOYS-FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS AND HALAAL BEARD GROOMING PRODUCTS

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