Sunday, 3 April 2016

Skin by Herbalife

Want glowing great skin but too much on the market , don’t know whats right for you. . Make your choice easier by using our seven day trial results kit. Just like our bodies , our skin, largest organ needs your care.,
My story
I’ve always suffered from oily skin and enlarged pores . I also noticed that my skin was becoming rough and had a few dark areas . I started on the seven day trial kit and included the mint clay mask I started feeling a big difference. I love the way these products make my skin feel . After I remove my weekly mask My skin feels soft supple and brighter. I’m noticing diminishing of the dark marks on my face too. I’ ve started noticing a difference in my skin’ s , texture and tone . Even my seven year old son said Mum your cheeks feel good now.
Why don’t you also give your skin a makeover . Start off with our innovative seven day skin trial pack Test drive this range :
Key features
Paraben and sulphate free
Not tested on animals
Suitable for all skin types..
Enriched with natural ingredients like berries, has healing properties of aloe ,refreshing mint, cleansingcitrus .
Order your results kit now and get glowing. Nafisapin:2B23832C ‎

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