Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pretty Natural SA

Chemicals, Chemicals , Chemicals everywhere!!

They are in our food, personal care items and baby care products, All affecting our health, energy levels and hormones in ways we are only beginning to understand.
Not to mention ruining our skin and hair at the same timeߑΊ
Why go through all the drama when Mother Nature has 1000s of unique oils, herbs and raw materials filled with beneficial antioxidants and healing botanicals just waiting to be foundߌ銊With way too many marketing schemes out there, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best as we have searched for only the best available products at the most affordable prices to help you detox your lives and live a healthier, happier life-

Whether it's your health, weight , skin, hair or kids health that you are having problems with- we have a solution for you
With our range of herbal remedies, Healthy snacks, DIY beauty serums
and baby care, you won't just be getting the best nature has to offer but also without the nasty side effects of chemicalsߑ̊
-Crede Organic Oils- Coconut, Olive, black Cumin , Almond and Hemp( it's not just Organic, It's organic and UNREFINEDߘNJ-Mineralife liquid Multivitamin and minerals- The multivitamin that you actually feel A difference withߑ͊-Allisone Tissue Salts(Must have for kids)
ߑ抭Organic Beauty Oils of Macadamia, Hemp, Jojoba, Avocado, Rosehip etcߒŊ-Ess oils of tea tree, lavender, neroli etc
-Naturalmente hair care ( Salon quality, toxic free hair care-The Best Hair range I have ever used)ߒJ-Herbal Remedies for a wide range of health issues
-Luxurious Body care.
- Naturals Beauty Baby Care
-Coconut Flour, Coconut Water
-Superfoods Shakes
And Much More

Join us for personilised help, tips, tricks, product info and health news- Did you know that Coconut Oil has to be UNREFINED AND ORGANIC TO GET the numerous healthy benefits

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