Sunday, 3 April 2016

Argan products

Argan Africa
Argan face wash
Washes away impurities oil and dirt leaves skin softer brighter fairer
Argan oil
Excellent for marks blemishes psoriasis acne scars pigmentation eczema rash blisters etc
Argan Africa day cream
made with vitamin E and spf 50 makes skin softer and fairer
Detox clay bar
Clears away acne pimples psoriasis made from pure Moroccan clay
Argan clay mask
Removes dirt oil impurities leaves skin brighter and feeling clean
Detox exfoliator
Removes and prevents blackheads cleanses out dirt and oil from pores
argan cell u lite bar
Removes cell u lite from all parts of the body.
Argan shampoo and conditioner
Excellent for hair fall
Dry hair
Brittle hair
Damaged hair
Coloured hair
... WhatsApp0726667717I personally use it and I love how my skin feels and looks

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