Monday, 29 February 2016

Supa Deals

Supa Deals from - Imi Chishty
Lipsticks - M.A.C
Naturally Transformed
Please me
Hot Tahiti
Shy girl

Revlon Liquid foundation
colours available:

*Golden beige
*Natural beige
*True beige
*Early tan
*Natural tan

**15pce M.A.C contour pallettes

*M.A.C Beauty box pallettes :
<M.A.C palette:26 earthytone eyeshadows,26bright colour eyeshadows,6 glitters,12lip colours,6cream concealers,2powders,2blushers,2gloss,applicators

M.A.C 78 Pallettes
60 eyeshadows
6 Blushers
12 lipstick gloss

M.A.C 120 pallettes
120 eyeshadows - Multi colours

M.A.C 88 pallettes
88 eye shadow
( Neutral or multi colours)

*M.A.C cool black quick drying PEN eyeliners lasting blooming
*M.A.C mascara
*M.A.C eye gel liners - black
*M.A.C. studio fix eyeliners

*M.A.C liquid foundations
nc20 nc25 nc30 nc35& NC 40

*M.A.C powder foundations
, NC 43 , NC 45 , NC 50 and NC 55 NW43

Urban Decay Naked range
*UD Naked concealers
*Urban Decay Kubuki face brush
*Urban Decay Blushers.
*Urban Decay 12 PCE brush sets
*Urban Decay mascara
*M.A.C Lipstick+ lipgloss*
*Naked eyeshadows

**Lakme iconic Kajal

<3<3 Flamboyant Colour Lenses-Look into those beautiful eyes Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ with Flamboyant contact lenses  11 diff colours
ALL 11 colours in stock
( Aqua , Blue , Grey ,silky grey , green,dark green , brown , hazel ,honey ,Turquise green ,Violet)

32 pce M.A.C brushes
24 pce Bobby Brown brushes

HUGE range of dezigner perfumes
Mens + Ladies - PING for a list

Watts app : 0837171114
Imi Chisty - JHB

We post , coureir or deliver in JHB
Tried the rest , now come to the best ...

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