Monday, 22 February 2016

Gift of the Needy

Slms ~ gift of the needy update: The refugee crisis was given our urgent attention for the past 6 weeks with a team accompanied by Director Faiaz Majid assisting our Refugee Brothers, sisters & children at the port of Lesvos as well as the moira refugee camps in Greece . After the perilous journey by boat in freezing temperatures to the port of Lesvos , refugees were kept warm, given meals , medication & comfort. Some refugees were assisted in purchasing tickets to continue on this difficult journey. The crisis is far from over & Gift of the Needy is making a heartfelt plea for you to help us help refugees to ease their distress. While on the homefront- daily provision of breakfast to indigent learners of Summerfield Primary School as well as hazelmere Education Centre continue. 450 children are fed a hot, nutritious breakfast to help them focus in class. Zakaat applicable, standard bank Acc:272327654.Br;043826.
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