Wednesday, 22 July 2015


♥♥ REFLEXOLIGIST ♥♥ RUKEYA ALLY-KAJEE heart emoticon ITEC BSTC DIPLOMA heart emoticon BSTC Professional Accreditation Board (PAB-R383) ♥♥ THE CANADIAN HEALTH&SCIENCES INSTITUTE-Canada heart emoticon S. A. International Goodwill Ambassador ♥♥♥ REFLEXOLOGY is A Great Stress Reducer. Although many are trying their Level Best to opt for Organic or Healthy Foods, the ground has literally been depleted of The Natural Minerals & Nutrients. The lack of Minerals & Nutrients with added Stress creates The Imbalances our Bodies are faced with, pressurising our Immune System & Health. Traditional "Western Medicines" tends to focus on Reactive & Specific Treatments of Diseases or Systematic Health Set Backs. Reflexology is an All Natural Therapy. It is a manifestation to stimulate The Body's Natural Healing Ability. This is "A Holistic Therapy" which works on The Prinicple that The Whole Person must be Treated. If one area of The Body is out of Balance, then The Other Areas too, will be. heart emoticon HEALTH is WEALTH heart emoticon Relax, De-Stress & Restore Balance & Good Health from within heart emoticon SPIRITUALLY-MENTALLY-PHYSICALLY-EMOTIONALLY heart emoticon An Enhancing & Therapeutic Experience heart emoticon STEM TECH HERBAL PRODUCTS - Improve your Immune System - Cutting Edge mixture of Antioxidants & Special Enzymes that support Optimal Blood Flow, which Supports The Body's Essential Renewal Process - All Natural Ingredients starting with AFA, documented to support The Natural Release of Your Own Adult Stem Cells from Bone Marrow - The Ultimate In Cellular Renewal - Scientifically Documented Results - Created by Nature - Backed by Science heart emoticon Inevitably, with Our Creator, Almighty Allah/God, Lord of The Universe, Galaxies, Earth & All it's Inhabitants of Mankind & Animal Kingdom... With Him being in Control & Cure, His Divine Decree heart emoticon HERBAZONE PRODUCTS also available heart emoticon Holistic Wellness-Learn-Earn-Heal-Naturally heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon Contact: Reflexologist: Rukeya Ally-Kajee ♥♥♥♥ Mobile: 076 854 5500 ♥♥ Email: ♥♥♥

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