Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Yoga Workshops

Inner Wellness Studio presents a series of workshops to refine and deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga.

The upcoming workshops will be an immersion into the subtler workings of Yoga. Diego will teach Yoga as a systematic approach to holistic living.

Each workshop is a self contained experience of practice, theory and an interactive study of the various topics.

<<<<<<25th April Pranayama & Restoratives>>>>>>

Learn the art of proper relaxation to restore vitality and balance back into your health. Understand the importance of integrating Pranayama into your Yoga practice.

<<<<<<9th May The enegetics of Yoga>>>>>>

Become aware of the different subtle anatomic systems that are apart of our make up. You learn about the sublte energetic nerves (nadis) and dense energetic nerve plexuses (chakras) and how they relate to the practice of the Yoga postures (asana)

<<<<<<23rd May Yoga and Ayurveda>>>>>>>

This workshop I will co present with Nalini. We are both passionate about sharing the wisdom and knowledge that Ayurveda has to offer. Ayurveda, is a sister science to Yoga and hence they compliment and work together to restore balance and health to the body and mind. After this workshop you will be inspired and equipped to easily integrate ayurvedic principles in your lifestyle and yoga practice.

These workshops are suitable for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge and practice of Yoga.
These workshops are a must if you are new to yoga, already practicing yoga or aspiring to be a teacher of yoga.

Each workshop will include;
* a follow up 90min practice with Diego
* notes and practice sequence

Each Workshop cost R400 pre booked or R450 on the day

Sign up for the series of 3 workshops @ R1000 (save R200) plus get a month of yoga classes free.

Contact Diego for more information or to secure your space.
079 262 3877

Inner Wellness Studio
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