Friday, 3 April 2015

Nirma Beauty & Laundry Soaps now available in SA

A brand renowned in India for its quality and affordability
Nirma has arrived in South Africa @ prices that will blow every other brand out the water!

Retailers wanted urgently to stock this amazing brand!

Product Pricing as follows:
Beauty soaps ... R1.85
Washing powder 125 gms ... R1.70
200 gms ... R2.70
500 gms ... R7.90
1kg ... R 13.05
3kg ... R38.60
Laundry bar pink 260 gms ... R2.70
Nb. All prices are for bulk wholesale purchases and exclude vat

What's revolutionary in Nirma washing powder is that it's an all-in-one...  suitable for handwash, front load, top load machine wash and has built in fabric softener .... do u see the saving!!

Retail stocks available at Ozz Cash & Carry... 
40 Mazeppa st, off smith street, opp oriental china mall, Point, Durban

Agents & Stores interested In retailing contact us now!

Ashcor Distributors
Cell: 0747871398

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