Thursday, 5 March 2015

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream by Mishka Moosa

This is also a product that i cant live without 'Helps to reduce appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles' this product most definitely tightened brightened and smoothed out my under eyes since i started using it, although.. if you trying to get rid of darkness under your eyes you'll be taking a long shot. There aren't many products out there that have been proven to do so.. its all about being constantly hydrated and getting a good nights sleep! In some cases its even genetic. This eye cream is part of my night time routine, most definitely helps to keep those bags away in the early morning i also tend to grab it on days when i'm not wearing any makeup, i enjoy the feel of it.
All in all, i would say that my bb extra repair and my body shop vitamin E eye cream work hand in hand! Could not fault either of these two eye creams.

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