Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Instant facelift by Farishta Faces

If you're feeling really tired and don't have enough time to apply extra make up in the early morning. Apply a small amount of sunscreen to your foundation for a fresher appearance. It will lift the cheeks and give you a more radiant look. Lipstick also has a fresh effect for the face so if you not going to apply much eye make up go for a rosy lip, it will lift your face with brightness and make you appear more feminine and charismatic. A little Make Up Can really lift your mood and bring the passion to your day.
A Capuccino is the perfect facelift for a rainy day. Chocolate also has a positive effect when consumed, not only is it comforting for any moment it also releases anxiety and mood swings to a more balanced day. If you work out often at the gym, don't feel shy to indulge in your favorite foods. Nutrition is important for woman to perform in all areas , looking good  is loving yourself enough to eat well & have the best lifestyle for you. Poor eating habits can affect concentration and slow down the metabolism. Many woman out there are worried about weight and hide away from the kitchen. Most personal Trainers advise people to have regular smaller meals to speed up their metabolism, by not eating on time can affect your body metabolism, being beautiful does not mean you should starve and look like a match stick.

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