Monday, 2 March 2015

Illusions by Farishta Faces

Light creates illusions and so chiaroscuro is the concept of light and dark to sculpt a face, contouring and highlighting is chiaroscuro. If you remember that light brings forth and dark takes away, you will be able to create illusions with a model, eg, a mature face can appear younger. A younger face can appear mature. If you apply too much dark colors and shades on your eyelid it will give you a mature look. if you have small eyes it will make them look even smaller. So this concept of chiaroscuro is important to understand. It assists the artist to corrective makeup for models. Look out for the corrective make up article that guides each face to its balance. Note: Not all persons require corrective makeup. The amount of light also has an effect on make up. Photographic make up requires the concept of light and dark as well. If there's too much light the make up looks dull and often 75% of the makeup is taken away by the effect of the light so models wear extra make up for photo shoot.

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