Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ajmaan ... now available @ The Shopaholic Store

Ajmaan is the worlds first pin free scarf concept. We pride ourselves with imported fabrics choosing the finest cottons, bamboo and perfect stretch, however the beadwork is all done locally.

As a fast trend setting brand, Ajmaan creates the perfect balance between current trends and modesty. so theres no compromising on beliefs.

We love using a combination of colors, unique quality imported fabrics, to produce a cutting edge fashion pulse item.

The brand originated when Canadian Entrepreneur (Salma Navlakhi) noticed that women always had to pin their scraves to keep it from falling down and much time was spent fixing their headgear/Hijab, Ajmaan eliminated this problem yet creating a modest look with fashion,elegance and beauty all at the same time.

We designed the Signature 5 in 1 Ajmaan cowl which is very versatile. Also, keep an eye out for the Ajmaan Junior range which is an exciting addition to the brand.

Ajmaan is the trendsetter for all local brands and remember if its not an Ajmaan, it’s not original.

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