Friday, 13 February 2015

Using Essential Oils for Hair Growth by Lavender Shades

Therapeutic grade essential oils hold the promise for a great many people of stimulating the growth of bountiful healthy hair. Whether one is regrowing hair after hair loss, preventing the loss of hair, or just looking to make their hair more beautiful and lustrous than ever. 

To use essential oils to stimulate hair growth, try one of the following:

• Use an oil treatment blend: This means selecting one or more essential oils & carrier oils, & measuring the essential oils into the carrier. We have a scalp stimulating blend already formulated in our Lavender Shades range. 

• Add essential oils to shampoo or conditioner: Many people add a little essential oil to their current hair care products. The upside is that this is very easy to do, the downside is that little of the oil is absorbed by the scalp. They certainly will leave your hair smelling wonderful. The amount of essential oil you add is really up to you.

These  two basic recipes for oil treatment will help you if you want to customize a recipe further.

Each of these recipes uses the same therapeutic and nutritive Base oils, to which the essential oils are added. To make the base formula, mix equal parts of virgin Coconut oil (gently warm to a liquid state if necessary), Rosehip Seed Oil, and Jojoba.  If making 30ml of base, just fill your bottle approximately 1/3rd of the way with each of these oils, then add your essential oils as described below. All these formulas can be massaged into the scalp 3-5 times a week. It can be done before bed with these left in (put a towel on your pillow!) or kept under a warm moist towel for up to an hour then washed out - the towel isn't necessary, it just helps with absorption:

 Women's Healthy Hair Stimulating Formula In each 30ml  of carrier oil base, add:
• 8 Drops of Myrtle
• 8 Drops Lavender
• 8 Drops of Rosemary Verbenone
• 16 Drops carrot seed
Lavender Shades Naural Healing
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