Sunday, 15 February 2015

Turn your business around with The Shopaholic Marketing Plans

The Shopaholic started as a social media marketing platform, offering superior and innovative marketing concepts to both home industries and businesses at affordable prices.
Within a few months from inception, The Shopaholic has grown as one of the most sought after Marketing Company offering adverts on various mediums of social media ie. BBM, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. The Shopaholic can further manage your social media presence for you saving you the hassle of trying to juggle marketing with your other roles in your business. Product and service reviews are also offered.
The Shopaholic together with Blade IT further offers business’s the following services: Business registrations, Web-design, etc.
The Shopaholic Store, that has been recently launched offers patrons a shopping experience that covers everything from beauty and skin care, hijab-wear & accessories, jewellery & accessories, and much more. We offer both local and international products, never before available to the public on one platform. Product info such as use, benefits etc. are all available to view at your leisure.
The Shopaholic Store also offers others the opportunity to start-up their own businesses with key select products.
With courier options throughout SA, and hand-picked suppliers of products, The Shopaholic Store is sure to grow as a firm favourite as a safe, affordable shopping option to many online users.
The Shopaholic Events launching soon will be a quality event show-casing the very best in local shopping including promotions of the products available at The Shopaholic Store.
The Shopaholic has a growing rate of subscribers, followers, with hits over 37,000 in the 4 months since its inception and is sure to become a leading name in online marketing and online shopping.
Shireen M
The Shopaholic

Cell / Whatsapp: 083 597 8602

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