Friday, 13 February 2015


*SCENTSATIONAL SCENTZ *, PERFUMES AND FRAGRANCES* it just makes scentZ dealing with us ;)

Boxed, Sealed and Authentic Smelling Fragrances. @ bargain prices:). Direct Whole sale to public.

We offer the widest range of fragrances. Over 150 varieties at the best and most competitive prices.  :) We  always have stock on hand and up to 4000 bottles at a time, so there is  no waiting no ordering no fuss and no disappointments :)/ we do bulk deals and parcels as well

We been in business for 4 years, and have long standing experience. We are reputable, honest and the first to market. We are customer focused and  strive for high level of quality service and customer satisfaction.

We also offer consignment stock,  testers and samples. We provide full mentor ship and guidance on reselling.

We take back rejects or defective stock.

Amazing reselling opportunities at great great prices :)

*SCENTSATIONAL SCENTZ* , PERFUMES AND FRAGRANCES* it just makes scentZ Dealing with us ;)

Lists change weekly :) due to new stock entries and new varieties.

We also have a huge range of ladies handbags and purses as well as mens wallets and watchs at w/s prices.

Resell perfumes and supplement your income :) make easy hassle free money :) just by using social networking :)

Stock up .....:)..... resell and.... together .... We can help each other do well


Call pr33tz on
0743661234 / whatsapp
0765750666 / whatsapp
Bbm  2A9CF285
Terms and conditions apply :)

For full info / lists / pics / details / w/s and reselling info pls send me your email address :)

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