Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ninos(Chicken strips) by the Secret Chef

1 kg chicken cut into long strips. 
Marinate in 1 ½  tsp salt.                 
1tsp lemon pepper.                             
 1 tsp garlic.                                      
1tsp aromat.                                      
 1 tsp chicken spice. lemon juice. 
crushed green chillies.                       
1 egg.                                                 
2 cups milk.                                 

Marinate fillet ωȋ̊th spices. 
Beat egg and milk together and pour over chicken. Soak overnight.      
Take 1 cup flour in dish.                                            
 1 tsp baking powder.                           
1 ½  tsp chillie powder and aromat.                                          
Coat chicken strips in flour and deep fry.                                                               
Serve ωȋ̊th chips and sweet and sour sauce dip...  🍗🍢

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