Monday, 16 February 2015

Make-up Tips by RMO Fashion & Make-up

Being a Make up artist in this busy time I always have people asking me for tips on how to look natural without using a lot of make up.

My basic easy 5min tip is to use just 3 products.

1) Eyeliner, get a liner that you like, I normally tell clients if they have small eyes that they want to look big instead of using black rather use a brown or a nude colour in your water line.

2) Use a Mascara my favourite is the MAC False lash. Opens up your eye a tab bit, gives you amazing long lashs and makes it look like you have false lashes but you don't. Besides a true lady should never leave the house without Mascara

3) Lip gloss, I love the Inglot Lip pot. Its like a lip stan so the colour will last longer and you won't need to re apply it.

By using just these 3 products you will look fresh, dolled up, and it will add more confidence for that meeting or even the a busy shopping day. 

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RMO Fashion and makeup

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