Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Healthy Hair Growth by Lavender Shades

Therapeutic grade essential oils hold the promise for a great many people of stimulating the growth of bountiful healthy hair. Whether one is regrowing hair after hair loss, preventing the loss of hair, or just looking to make their hair more beautiful and lustrous!

Factors affecting one's personal hair growth are very complex, including such things as nutrition, age, hormone balance and lifestyle factors. Aromatherapy formulas  using authentic pure essential and base oils can have a dramatic affect.

Lavender Shades/Natural Healing's scalp and hair  blend formulation  is specifically for healthy hair growth, which helps to  stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and grow more hair, thicker and faster.
It contains essential oils to:
Stimulating oils -increasing cellular metabolism and/or new cell generation Balancing oils- returns over-oily or over-dry skin to a balanced state, balances over- or under-active hormones at a cellular level, and/or reduces excess inflammation from any number or sources.
Nutritive oils- offering vitamins, other co-factors and essential fats necessary for healthy follicle function.
Immune support oils- heal scalp/skin infections that may inhibit optimal hair growth.

Organic Jojoba and coconut oil is the all-star of hair care, and has long been used for enhancing luster and softness. Jojoba will work for any skin/scalp type


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