Sunday, 15 February 2015

Glam Tasbeehs

Glam up your rides with Personalised customized Tasbeehs! BMW Merc VW. If U have it We MAKE IT!!!! Step out of the box and be unique!!!!!!!! \=D/
Tasbeehs attractively designed for kiddies heart emoticon and adults in stunning colours and with multifaceted beads.
Perfect 2 teach our little ones the importance of Zikr and to learn Deen! ♥♥
Ω̶ωƹڪмƹ Baby sinni tasbeehs n nazaar bangles.
Also perfect for wedding souvenirs/sinni and kunchas! Wow your in laws with the perfect gift! (<B.<B)
What better way to show your love and earn Sawaab E Jaariya at the same time!
We do tasbeeh sets and tawaaf tasbeehs too.
You choose your colours and your budget. We mix colours 2!
We also have gorgeous personalised keyrings
Our tasbhees are uniquely made 2 be Ω̶ωƹڪмƹ 4 the Ω̶ωƹڪмƹ U! Get yours now!
Watch this Space! New Swarovski Tasbeehs coming soon!!!! \=D/ ;;)
Based in Newcastle but postage done to wherever you are.  Please contact Shai
Bbm: 29731873
Channel pin C0035316B
Whatsapp 0711019677 or visit comment and like our fb page

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