Tuesday, 3 February 2015

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Are u advertising in printed media such as newspapers and magazines?
Have u felt the drop in leads?
Want to get more value for ur money?
Whereas in Print media ur ad would be read weekly or monthly possibly once or twice by a few thousand people, via social media marketing ur ad would reach 1000's daily on bbm and 1000's a minimum of 3xper week via our site, fb, twitter and subscription feeds + ur ad would come up on google search.
Now which option is more value for money?
Don't be fooled by fly-by-night advertisers that promise u more for less. With affiliates like Durban Muslima, The LSF Mag, & Blade IT, we have a lot more experience and grounding to offer u the best service and advice on how to manage ur marketing.
With packages from only R300 let The Shopaholic manage ur social media marketing and u can sit back and watch ur business and leads grow.
Contact us now for all ur social media requirements ....
ads / fb page management / catalogue design and creation / brand creation / website designs and more
Need proof of our worth? View the hits on our sites below ...
Shireen M
Call/Whatsapp: 083 597 8602
BB pin: 2B9D2116
Email: marketing@shireenm.co.za
TheShopaholic ... http://theshopaholic.shireenm.co.za
TheLSFMag ... www.thelsfmag.co.za / blog.thelsfmag.co.za
DurbanMuslima ... www.durbanmuslima.co.za

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