Thursday, 5 February 2015

Acne Facial Kit ... @ The Shopaholic Store

Acne Magic Soap
Sandalwood, turmeric and neem enriched antiseptic soap helps to dry out the over activity of sebaceous gland and heal the pus acne and pimples.

Fresh Rose Toner
Rose Extracts and carrot seed extract enriched anti septic toner helps to soak out the sedimented oil, dirt and pollution from the pores, keeping it matt dry and stopping the growth of acne and pimple prone conditions.

Acne Magic Cream
Indian Alcess, orange extract enriched antiseptic cream ensures that it detoxifies the infected areas and pulls out the infection from them. It is also an excellent allergy soothener and can be used to subside any allergies within seconds.

Acne Magic Pack
Turmeric, Sandalwood and Bengal Kino extracts enriched acne and pimple drying pack ensures that the pus is pulled out of the acne and the area is dried to have a pimple free skin.

How to use:

Acne Magic Soap:
Wash the face or other affected areas twice a day with the soap.

Fresh Rose Toner:
Pour few drops of toner on cotton wool and apply gentle pressure to cleanse out skin impurities from the skin with the toner. Advised to be used as regular as possible through the day.

Acne Magic Cream:
Apply acne pimple cream every day on the infected areas before going to bed.

Acne Magic Pack:
Apply pack for 15 min every alternate day to dry out the pus acne and wash with water.

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