Friday, 30 January 2015

Wudhu Towels

WUDHU TOWELS: The all new compact, lightweight and highly absorbent MICROFIBRE towel by SWIM-DRY...
A leading Australian brand. The highly absorbent microfibre material soaks up large volumes of liquids(absorbs five times its weight in water), but dries much quicker than standard towels preventing the build-up of odour-causing bacteria Ultra compact that packs down to the size of a paperback book.These Towels also act as wind blocks, sun shades, slings and blankets.The SWIM-DRY towel is perfect for deployments, camping, hiking, swimming, gym,beach😎(shakes off sand easily), jamaat or traveling. So ditch the standard issue towel and c wt you’ve been missing.TOTALLY AWESOME 😀IN 7 STUNNING SUMMER COLORS
available in twin packs.
We provide a Postage/Courier service Nationwide
Contact details 266B2768 071 682 1226 011 837 3648

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