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The Cinnamon Story

Yes! Cinnamon is amazing

Different Types of Cinnamon
Most people think cinnamon is cinnamon. They are used to buying either the powder or the sticks at any local grocery store.

Cassia Cinnamon
Most of the cinnamon that is found at the store is actually Cinnamomum cassia or Cinnamomum burmannii. Cassia is used in commerce because it is sturdy and doesn’t fall apart. Cassia has a robust, spicy, warm flavor.

True Cinnamon (aka Sweet or Ceylon)
True cinnamon is also called “sweet” cinnamon. It is rarely found in stores.  Sweet cinnamon goes by the latin name of Cinnamomum verum or Cinnamomum zeylanicum. You might also have this in your cupboard labeled as Ceylon cinnamon. True cinnamon is very fragile. It often comes in chips because sticks simply don’t hold together very well. Where cassia is rich and spicy, true cinnamon is sweet and light.

Which one should you use?
Both cinnamons contain beneficial compounds. In a cursory glance through the plant research being done on cinnamon, it appears that cassia has more studies on the reduction and control of blood sugar while true cinnamon is being used more often for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon
Anti-bacterial – It is especially good for combatting food poisoning. 
Stimulant- It is a safe stimulant that does not contain caffeine.
Improves circulatory health
Cinnamon has compounds within it that keep our platelets from sticking together. This prevents improper clotting.
Cinnamon improves the condition of the blood, helping to reduce cholesterol.
Improves digestive health
Cinnamon can be used to settle an upset stomach.
Improves respiratory health
Cinnamon can be helpful in a cough formula to reduce a fever and to reduce congestion.

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