Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Argan Skin care

*sun* Burnt,We all got sun burnt this Holidays,All u need now is the Argan oil face EXFOLIATOR to remove the dead sun burnt skin,Argan oil lightening face MASK to remove sun burns and make u fairer instantly,DAY CREAM spf50 with vitamin E so u don't burn again and 100% ARGAN ORGANIC "GOLD"OIL: to even ur skin tone&For any skin condition Acne,Psoriasis,Eczema,Scars,Pigmentation,Blemishes,Marks,Under Eye Dark Circles,stretch marks,Brittle Nails,Fungus etc!there is no skin condition that this skin oil can't treat,Now I've got the Argan Black Soap and Glove to be used on whole body,The ONLY black soap in the world that makes u LIGHTER & BRIGHTER naturally while the GLOVE removes Dead skin from head to toe!Also sell Argan Shampoo,Conditioner n Oil that STOPS hair Loss and Promotes hair Growth!On Promo
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