Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Rainbow's Ice Krush Delights

*rainbow* Rainbow's ice krush delights is in town. 
Come get your Ice krush @ R15/cup or cordial)-| @ R20/ glass now! *run* *run* \=D/ @>-- (*) <=-P :D B-) <3*run* *run*
There are 15 delicious flavours. 
Mix any 2 if U DARE!!!   
Avail @ stall 252 Al Ansaar. 30/12-01/01.                       
 *run* *run* \=D/ @>-- (*) <=-P :D B-) <3*run* *run*.    
Look out for the blue trailer outside the entertainment tent @ the Dubai Souk. 23/12-04/01. 

Bb pin 2B72C330 / 0727227408
\=D/ @>-- (*) <=-P :D B-) <3

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