Monday, 8 December 2014

Health Benefits and Advantages of using PerfectAire Purifiers

   ·  Eliminates cigarette smoke including secondary smoke.
   ·  Eliminates air-borne viruses and bacteria.
   ·  Prevents mould and fungi growth.
   ·  Removes mould, pollen, dust and other contaminants.
   ·  Neutralizes malodours such as pet smell, smoke fumes and paint fumes.
   ·  Aerate, refresh and cleanse stale indoor air, ANYWHERE!
   ·  Improves your general well-being and mood.
   ·  Creating a welcoming ambience to the place of work, play or sleep.
   ·  Acts as a humidifier (especially useful in an air-conditioned environment).
Cleanses an area up to 80 square meters and effectively revitalizes air within minutes.
   ·  100% Natural & Safe.
   ·  Low Noise Operation
   ·  Humidifier, Ionizer, Aromatherapy all in one!
   ·  Great Shapes & Colours
   ·  LED lights of different colours serves as a Night Light - soothing, creates a sense of security
   ·  Used 24/7 at Low Electricity Consumption (16w to 40w dependant on unit) Distributed by 

by Lavender Shades Natural Healing pin: 27B21E34

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