Monday, 22 December 2014

Dark Circles

You may not entirely believe that the eyes are the windows to our soul, but it is a fact that the area around the eyes can be a reflection of our lifestyle and general health.

Most people know that spending too much time in the sun can cause wrinkles, but did you realise that too many late nights, long term stress and lack of sleep can also contribute to unwanted excess baggage around the eyes?

If you persistently burn the candle at both ends the chances are that you may end up with those dreaded dark circles under the eyes. Life can be cruel, but there is just no escaping from the fact that the price you pay for living life to the excess is often seen around the eyes first. And since the eyes are one of the features that we first look at when we meet someone, there’s just nowhere to hide!

Circles of life
Dark circles, unlike crop circles, do not mysteriously appear overnight. Aside of illness or genetics they typically develop over a period of time and usually as a result of too little sleep. We have all seen the signs begin to appear after having less sleep or suffering more stress than usual for a few nights in a row.

These dark circles around the eye contour can actually be an indication of a weak blood vessel network and they tend to stand out more when you are tired and pale. Once the damage has been caused it is quite difficult to reverse it other than taking drastic measures such as cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, mega doses of vitamin pills and hours of extra sleep will not turn back the hands of time on this most revealing part of the face.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on those outrageously expensive eye cream treatments because aromatherapy can help care for this delicate area and help to reduce those dark shadows around the eyes too. With holidays and late nights these tips should come in very handy!

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