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Crystal Creations

These colourful crystal creations can add a touch of elegance to any room, while gently adding the natural aroma of your favourite essential oil or blend to the air. These simple air fresheners are easy to make,& can be refreshed & reused for many months!

Materials Needed:

1. Very Course Salt Crystals: Rock salt, or other similarly course salts work perfectly.

2 .Essential Oils: Use your favourite essential oil or blend to add fragrance to these air fresheners. You will need about 75 drops for this project.

3. Food colouring (optional): Add a splash of color.

4. I tsp Perfume-Grade-optional (to help enhance or carry the aroma of the essential oils into the air).

5. Glass Vase or Decorative Container.


1. In a small glass bottle or vial, mix about 75-100 drops of your desired essential oil or blend with 1 tsp. perfume-grade alcohol. Close the lid & shake to mix together. Allow this mixture to sit several hours together. If you choose to use just the essential oils by themselves, skip this step.

2. In a small glass bowl, mix 1.5-2 cups very coarse salt with the essential oil mixture until the mixture is distributed evenly over the salt crystals. If desired, add a few drops colouring to tint the crystals & mix thoroughly.

3. Pour the salt crystals into your decorative glass container.

4. Place the container in your desired area & enjoy! Periodically stirring or shaking the container can help renew the aroma. When the aroma becomes too weak, it can be refreshed with a new essential oil mixture.

Extra Ideas:

Before coloring the crystals, divide them into separate bowls& color each bowl a different color. The different colors can then be layered in the glass container for fun effects!

Place small tea-candles, silk flowers, reeds, grasses, or other decorative objects into the crystals to make them even more elegant!  

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