Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Argan Oil Products SA

New,ARGAN SOAP & GLOVE!U actually see the Dirt n Dead skin come out, the soap is used together with the traditional moroccan GLOVE it removes all dead cells from ur whole face&Body and gets rid of dangerous and bad bacteria and germs on the surface of your skin while rejuvenating the skin leaving it much LIGHTER!!Use it as a treatment on whole body only twice a week,100ml

Drinking Argan and DETOX all those YEARS of stubborn FAT,HEALS YOU From the Inside! Lowers cholesterol,improve circulation,stabilise blood sugar rheumatism& arthritis,immune system,prevents cancer,helps diabetes cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases,cleans bowels regulates weight natural body detox!100ml

Contact: Argan Products
bb: pin:2BBB4f40
Cell: 076-887-6213
Overnight courier done Nationwide!

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