Monday, 24 November 2014

Performa X

Performa x
For maximum performance

Now in South Africa
The best male enhancer
All natural and completely safe sex potency tablets
No side-effects
No adverse health effects

* Improves and enhances erectile function
* enhanced sexual stamina
* no planning, no waiting
* aphrodisiac
* increased sperm count
* increased libido
* improve athletic performance
* weight loss
* Increases size
* increases testoosterone levels
* Improves fat metabolism
* powerful antioxidant
* reduces back pain
* for all ages
* prevents premature ejaculation
* muscle and joint support
* anti ageing
* hair loss
* acne
* depression and anxiety
* helps in increasing conception rate
* more intensity and enjoyment

Clinically tested

Agents wanted

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Bb pin: 2a710162
Cell: 079 701 3545

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