Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Eat clean to lose weight

Still trying to lose weight?
Well I lost 99.8kg! Eat Clean to lose weight with Herbalife!
Get My Herbalife Tablet Free Pack:
"Shake+protein pwd+aloe+tea"
* Best Fast Food for intelligent people* Gives u all the 55 nutrients, 15 amino acids, all fibre, herbs per meal which the body is robbed daily causing weightgain/weightloss and low energy * 140 calories per serving *Energy Food* No Chemical Compound- 100 % herbal / 100% safe * Easy digest* Anyone can drink! Special "FREE FROM Shake" (lactose, gluten, soy FREE). ITS JUST FOOD in a Shake Mix!
A must in every shake* 5 grams non-fat protein per tablespoon * helps lose weight faster * increase metabolism * Builds muscle mass* Excellent for body shape up* Curbs hunger Protein, more specifically the building blocks of protein called "amino acids", is an essential component of every cells in the body. The cells of the immune system, skin, hair and muscle all depend on protein for proper functioning. Assist with anti aging.
3. ALOE CONCENTRATE DRINK- Pure,wholesome refreshing beverage *helps soothe/cleanse digestive system* Assists indigestion,* Speeds up weightloss process by 40%* The gel inside the aloe vera leaf is a complex, natural mixture of carbohydrates, contains healing/soothing properties, and the acclaimed organic nutrients found in Aloe Vera are captured in this stabilized drink.
4. Instant Herbal Beverage (FATBURNING TEA/Energy):
This product is amazing!
Ur 'GYM' in a Bottle! The more you drink, the more you shrink!* Burns bad stubborn fat in all the right places * Assists with cm loss* Speeds up ur metabolism* 1cup of Tea burns 80-100 calories whilst sitting* Instant energy in minutes/keeps u moving/bursting wid energy
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